Our Vision

Life Together is committed to renewing Church as a school of love. Our Church aims to awaken hearts, raise voices, build relationships, and act through the teachings and practices of love that will change lives and communities.

Our Mission

Life Together seeks to raise the next generation of prayerful and prophetic leaders for the church and world.

Our Path

We call the way along which we walk “The Jesus Way,” after the one, in the Christian tradition, who taught it and embodied it most completely—as a human model, and, we believe, as God made human.

There are many paths to love that we honor and respect.  You may have another name for the way of love: you may call it the Torah, or the Dharma, or the path of Justice. Life Together is a fellowship for those who are called to deeper exploration of the Jesus Way.  

Life Together's training and ethos orient around three interrelated foundations of inspired leadership: contemplative, communal and prophetic practices. Contemplative practices include lectio divina, chant, centering prayer, Christian meditation, and deep listening. Communal practices include circle practice, study of the Enneagram, nonviolent communication, and the creation of community covenants. Prophetic practices include team-building, telling a public narrative, conducting 1:1 meetings, building a shared purpose, and other practices of community organizing. Taken together, these contemplative, communal and prophetic practices enable sustainable, impactful and visionary leadership.

Life Together fellows are supported by a broader community of practitioners, seeking what it means to be prayerful and prophetic leaders in their own lives and work. Our staff and faculty support the experience of fellows, from hiring to site placements to intentional living, and share practices that help the school of love become a reality in our midst.

Our Approach to Individual & Social Transformation


Discovering our contemplative being connects us more powerfully to God, ourselves, and each other. It also connects our own inner transformation to the outer transformation we hope to see in the world. Inner transformation will give us perspective on our patterns of fear, self-doubt, shame, and anger, into the steadfastness of inner peace, purpose, power, and self-love—out of our false selves into our true selves.


Through our engagement, we come to experience and understand the power of community as the source of peace, change, renewal, connection, and courage. By living together with our whole selves we can practice the change we want to see in the world.


We see that the task of prophetic ministry is to nurture, nourish, and evoke a consciousness and perception alternative to the consciousness and perception of the dominant culture around us and then to act with and from that new consciousness. Taking insight and using it to guide our voices and action of social change allows us to bring our transformed hearts and minds out into the world with empathy, compassion, and courage. This is the fount of prophetic leadership.

Still Curious?

Download PDFs for a more in-depth review of our theology, history and practice.


Life Together's Leadership Team:

Yani Burgos

The Reverend Edith Dolnikowski

The Reverend Edwin Johnson

Lauren Banks Killelea



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