Convention was Amazing

Hey y'all, my name's Luke Dodge, and I am a Relational Evengelist at Northeastern University. Tonight was my first Episcopal Convention experience... and it was amazing! The day was filled with many positive moments, and I would like to highlight two of them.

The first was when I witnessed the incredible energy of a bursting crowd of 700 church members as they stood to their feet with a torrent of support after hearing Jason Long, the assistant director for the Life together program, tell his story and dream that he feels God has for a 'new church' that is intentional about seeking to love others. The second experience that really stands out for me was during the fund raising auction. Bishop Tom Shaw and other priests eagerly bid their way up to $800 dollars to have dinner with us at our intern house in Brookline... I was overflowing with joy in the moment of seeing this demonstration of a church supporting a young adult movement that is so close to my heart. Today was an amazing experience, containing just a few of many God moments during this year at the Life Together program.