Coming Full Circle

My time as a Life Together fellow, as many of you know, was not too long ago. I had the honor to live with the intentional community of 2 Garden St in Harvard Square from 2015-2016 (shout out 2G fam across the world!). But today, and for the past six weeks, I’ve been working as a LT staff member supporting the logistics of a number of projects while Kelsey is with her growing family.

I did what most millennials would do, I texted friends from my year telling them I got the job at LT! One good friend of mine sent back “It’s like coming full circle!” I sort of just went along with that phrase anytime anyone asked me about being on staff. But the more I dive back into this community the more I’m reminded of the role I play. As a fellow it was difficult to be told ‘you’ve been surviving your whole life and now you should learn to be thriving’. Or how to look at every situation through a contemplative, communal, and prophetic lens. “Through what?” I would ask myself. I was resistant to this new way of thinking. It was foreign and unheard of in my upbringing. Heck, I struggled just keeping up with the language let alone acting on these three transformative pillars. However, today, with time and a great shift of mind, I find myself coming full circle to what I never thought I needed from LT: an opportunity to  re-engage with a generation of (young adult) change agents. My job was to be intentional—sign me up!!

The first “task” I was given was to help support the fellows luncheon with site supervisors on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny Friday. Leading up to the luncheon I was eager to put my intentionality hat on. I made efforts to try and meet with fellows. I sent emails left and right. I took phone calls from another job for this job. I simply wanted to know ‘What’s the vibe?’

You see, at Life Together, we lean into seeing how something so small as a luncheon can hold so many opportunities for growth and understanding. We’re intentional about the space and what it creates for those in attendance. We’re mindful of the power dynamics that may arise. We’re cautious to remember that this luncheon landed on the same day fellows led profound workshops as “Liberatory Responses to a Broken World!” just minutes before the luncheon (again, profound teachings led by fellows). That’s a lot to be mindful of while baking lunch for 25 hungry humans but it’s not about the hard work, it’s about the heart work. Life Together taught me how to be intentional and now as a staff member I try to live and work by these teachings. Difficult at times but worth every sign of appreciation from fellows and colleagues.

By trying to get to know fellows I’ve been reminded of the power of people. Through honest experiences we build a community eager to take action for change! We know that individually we are strong but collectively we are powerful.

Every cohort will look, sound, and feel different but at the heart of Life Together, both as an alumni and staff, you find a new community of love.