"Leaning on God" by Samantha Akwei

Greetings Life Together,


I love this image of me with the Chip and Dale characters as it reminds me that wherever I go in the world, God is and will always be my Rescue Ranger.

Congrats to all the new fellows that have made the life-changing decision to enter this community.  Whether by curiosity, purpose or drive, I am fairly certain that transformation of some kind is inevitable. Similar to my service year as a fellow with the Boston Workers Alliance four years ago, my current day to day consists of ensuring communities have access to technology and training that will enable them to fully participate in society. Thankfully every time I work with a senior citizen, English as a second language speaker or traditional newbie, I am able to exercise a new level of grace, humility, and patience.

That said, I am humbled that a lot of these things I was able to practice within Life Together’s community. Encouraged to bring all of myself to share with total strangers, I learned to see and love people as myself. Difficult and draining at times, creating space to wrestle with the unknown, “speaking truth to power”, seeking, and forgiving some more were all hard, beautiful life lessons I would not have learned on my own. More importantly, “praxis” was the greatest word that Life Together gave me, which has allowed me to live more intentionally and recognize that service and leadership are truly lifestyles.

Now a published poet and student of Public Administration, my life continues to be a never-ending adventure that requires that I activate my faith daily. No matter life’s situations, I find myself in need of being rescued and encourage all of you to lean on each other, but most importantly, lean on God.