May Letter from Executive Director Kelsey Rice Bogdan

I remember my first Love Matters, two days before I started working at Life Together. I remember the warmth and laughter that greeted me as I found my way downstairs, the familiar faces of Life Together friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. I remember nervously meeting the community of fellows I had been called to serve. And I remember the stories of fellows, challenging me to live into my deepest values, inspiring me to seek transformation and new life. Above all else, it is the stories I hear at Love Matters that stay with me, that help me lean into this work alongside our community.

The stories I hear every day are desert stories: stories of bitter polarization at home and war abroad; stories of brutality against young black and brown men and criminalization of immigrant families; stories of growing disparities between those who have and those who do not. These stories are all too real, and overwhelmingly present in our day-to-day lives.

And yet, coming to Love Matters every year is itself a river in the desert. It is a chance to hear stories of transformation and new life, of an Easter baptism as shared in the alumni spotlight by Liz Marshall or a texted Tupac quote as shared in the fellow spotlight by Amy Melena. It gives us the space to be together, to laugh together, and to remember that God’s promise to do a new thing is meant for our community, too. Love Matters helps us connect with a deeper truth that is stronger than any social or political reality: that we are beloved beyond all knowing, and that we can pour the waters of our own belovedness out into a thirsty world.

So I invite you to come this Saturday and find a river in the desert with us. Like tributaries to a mighty river, each of our stories of hope feeds into the larger river that is Life Together, offering water to the parched places in greater Boston. I hope you can be with us on Saturday to celebrate that river and contribute your own story to it.