So how do you become a fellow, anyway?

How to Apply

We’ve already started recruiting and interviewing to fill our 2016-2017 cohort for Life Together! The first “Early Deadline” was Friday, December 18th. Episcopal Service Corps applicants who turned their applications in by that deadline are guaranteed to hear back from programs on January 29th, so Life Together will be informing the first of next year’s fellows of our hiring decisions about them next month!

Our second deadline is Monday, January 18th. For young adults who are sure that Life Together is the program for them, this deadline is very important. Life Together is a competitive program and we start accepting qualified applicants as soon as we can. We only have 25 offers to make and we’ve received over 300 applications in recent years!

Since we prioritize applications in the order we receive them, many of our spots will already be filled by our third deadline, March 18th.

If you know you want to apply to Life Together, we encourage you to do so sooner rather than later! To begin your application, fill out the common application through the Episcopal Service Corps website and indicate your interest in Life Together. Applying to other Episcopal Service Corps at the same time does not influence our decisions or process.  

Each application is carefully read by a member of the LT staff to determine if the applicant has a drive for team-based leadership, a hunger for spiritual growth, and a passion for justice.The next step in our process is a 45-minute phone interview. In-person interviews are not required, and most fellows are accepted without coming to Boston, but all candidates are welcome to come visit and join us for one of our Friday trainings!

We hire until our cohort is full, so apply today!