For Dante and Sandra by Hannah McMeekin

In anticipation of our annual gala, Love Matters: Rivers in the Desert, we're asking alumni, 'When in Life Together did you see a river in the desert?'" We added an additional challenge: respond in 1,000 characters. Alumna Hannah McMeekin's beautiful response is below. If you'd like to respond to the Rivers in the Desert prompt, email


For Dante and Sandra - who showed me light in the darkest of days.


I met God today.


She arrived one hour early and parked on Dalkieth Street.

I met her at the door with a plate of muffins and a chocolate croissant.


I pointed her in the direction of our comfiest chair and then briefly left her to finish an email.

She chose to sit in a folding chair.


I came back into the room when I heard a young person walk through the door.

I could feel the warmth in her welcome through the wall.


She loves like a long lost mama and gives grace like one too.

She asks the blunt and loving questions and wants to make sure you have a coat to keep you warm and

pocket money for the bus.


She is not above cravings for Friendly’s sundaes and she doesn’t know how to use the gps on her phone.

She has a smile that brings down the walls of a 21 years young man and she affirms him for the courage to run

from the fight.


Leaning back in her chair she laughs with her whole body as she tells us of her pastor who is also a traveling

dentist with a van.


She welcomes tears and is so glad that you’ve met.

She loves you.

She believes in you.

She sees you and

all that you’re carrying and

all that you are capable of.


She will pick you up on Sunday.