What previous sites are saying about their Life Together Fellow:

We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Life Together.  Julia was a wonderful addition to our agency and has been a huge benefit to our work in so many ways.  As a counselor on Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline, Julia brought new energy and a fresh perspective, quickly becoming an integral member of the Hotline team. It has been a pleasure working with the Micah Project staff and Julia and we are looking forward to a continued relationship over the years!

- Eileen Terchiak, Director Food Source Hotline, Project Bread, Supervisor, 2011-14

The Micah fellow and the parish of St. Peter’s-San Pedro were a perfect match. With Ben’s leadership the youth became engaged in faith and community action while strengthening their Christian sense of justice. He solidified our youth ministry by creating a monthly service, administering and co-leading a summer program, creating a youth group, and learning how to write grants. Through the Micah Project the participants became leaders and the leaders became participants! Everyone’s wisdom was honored.  The ministry requires humility, vulnerability, commitment – is that not what the prophet Micah asked the people of God to be?  What a perfect match!

- Daniel Vélez-Rivera, Priest, Iglesia de San Pedro in Salem, Supervisor, 2009-11

Rachael and Life Together have been a real boost and blessing to our parish. When Rachael joined us as a Life Together Fellow, she seemed very unsure of herself.  Over the year she blossomed in to a confident, capable and effective organizer of our community.  The parish community found it exciting to grow with her as she learned and developed new skills. During her year with us, she was able to help to move our parish Outreach from the margins to the center of our parish life. This year, we have a new fellow, Eva, who brings many gifts and passions of how the church can work to protect our environment.  She is working with our parish and folks from the wider neighborhood to build a community garden.  It is so exciting to have the energy, creativity, passion and new ideas of these Life Together Fellows infusing our parish life.

- Noah Evans, Rector, Grace Church Medford, Supervisor, 2009-2015

Yadira is a bright and dedicated young woman who was a tremendous asset to our organization.  She approached the work with a commitment to service that’s deep and nurtured by the Life Together community.  As the coordinator of our Worker Center, Yadira assisted hundreds of residents in their struggle to find employment and deal with their criminal background.  She was very effective and a joy for everyone around her. We’re grateful to Life Together and to Yadira for her wonderful commitment to our community.

- Aaron Tanaka, Executive Director, Boston Workers Alliance, Supervisor, 2010-12

Sarah made a significant difference in our program. She worked hard. She asked questions when she needed to but also took initiative to do research on the different campaigns that we were working on. She took initiative to put various office systems in place to make all of our lives easier. She was slow and patient with the young people and listened to them and coached them.  She was independent and took initiative but at the same time was a good team player and took time to develop good relationships with other staff people in the office.  We are very pleased to have had her on staff.

- Jenny Sazama, Director and Co-Founder, Youth on Board, Supervisor, 2010-15

What an effective resource for parish growth! Our first Life Together Fellow, Hannah, quickly became an integral team member and a catalyst for growth at St. Chrysostom's. From expanding our one-room Church School to founding a new Prayer Service during Lent, she accomplished much in one year to facilitate new life and healthy habits at church. In addition to her strong leadership in worship and parish life, Hannah also pioneered a new staff partnership with a Chinese Community Center that serves surrounding immigrant populations. We're still benefitting from all of her hard work and our current Fellow, Hume, is building on the solid foundation that's been laid. We've got an exciting road ahead, thanks in large part to the hard work, consistent efforts, and good cheer of our Life Together Fellows. Thank you!

- Eric Hillegas, Rector, Chrysostom's Church Quincy, Supervisor, 2011-14

Bringing Reed onto our team at St. James’s gave us an opportunity to revisit and refocus our work and mission as a whole. He galvanized our mission areas of young adult work, outreach, and social justice ministries. With Reed, our young adult group grew larger and more vibrant than it has ever been, newcomers assumed positions of leadership, and our food pantry and other social ministries grew in effectiveness. We were blessed to have him and are grateful to Life Together for making this possible.

- Edwin Johnson, Assistant Rector, St. James Episcopal Church Cambridge, Supervisor, 2011-13

The Micah Fellowship program was a blessing to our parish.  It played an important part in the rebuilding of St. Mary’s parish. Mac Stewart led noonday prayer and preached his heart out from the pulpit.  He learned to play the steel pans alongside our youth and became a mentor to them. Mac’s willingness to assist with parish administration was a great help to us, while opening his eyes to all that goes into sustaining a parish. A year later, Amanda Preston, put a smile on the face of everyone she met.  She brought energy to our youth group and focused her time on leadership development with our youth and in our weekly food pantry.  Fast fingers on the keyboard and Internet, Amanda oversaw our web site, and assisted in the parish office performing the tasks that helped sustain our community life.

- Cathy George, Priest-in-Charge, St. Mary’s Dorchester, Supervisor, 2008-2012

What a blessing it was to have Ellen at CMM!  Ellen was invaluable in our day-to-day operations.  Whether helping to organize events such as our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Interfaith Service, our interfaith dialogue with Diana Eck of the Pluralism Project, or our Spirituality and Healing Conference, Ellen was incredible. Ellen is hard working, enthusiastic, willing to master new skills, and really made every part of our day-to-day operations run smoothly.  Thank God for Ellen, and for the Life Together program!

- Matt Carriker, Director, Interfaith Youth Initiative at Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries, Supervisor, 2010-12

Our fellow, Lacresha Johnson, is a great match for BYOP! Her past experience as a high school youth leader and her deep faith and drive to address social justice issues are all critical values to our youth-led organizing work. She has earned the respect and friendship of all our youth members and youth staff. From the beginning, she has taken the initiative to create a welcoming space that reflects our mission. BYOP is new to the Life Together Fellowship, and it has been an amazing experience for all of us. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years.

- Najma Nazy’at, Director, Boston Youth Organizing Project, Supervisor, 2011-14