2016-2017 Site Placements

Breakthrough Greater Boston 

Breakthrough Greater Boston (BTGB) prepares low-income students for success in college and trains the next generation of urban teachers using its unique Students Teaching Students model.  BTGB offers a comprehensive six year tuition free out-of-school academic program for traditionally underserved middle and high school students in Cambridge and Dorchester. The students and families BTGB engages are traditionally underserved —99% are of color, 86% of are low income, and 78% of BTGB’s students will be the first in their families to attend college. The Students Teaching Students model is comprised of three key programs: the Middle School Program, the High School Program, and the Teacher Training Program. The organizational culture of BTGB is fun, high-energy, and dedicated to the success of its students and teachers by building and maintaining strong relationships among staff, board, and the Associate (Young Professionals) board.  

The Life Together fellow works as the Family Engagement Program Fellow.  The fellow serves collaboratively across BTGB’s campuses in Cambridge and Dorchester. This fellow carries out a comprehensive assessment of BTGB’s existing family engagement activities, conducts a comparative analysis of the family engagement approaches of peer organizations, builds tools and materials to support BTGB staff in improved and sustainable family engagement strategies, and provides direct service through outreach to BTGB families. In addition, the fellow leads and trains a cohort of 20 volunteers that will be in engaged in carrying out family events. Experience needed includes previous work or interest in cultivating volunteer relationships and community engagement, confidence in one-on-one and group student and family engagement, professional demeanor and ability to serve as a BTGB ambassador, and willingness to work evenings and Saturdays as needed (no more than twice a month). 

Church of Our Saviour, Milton

The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Milton Massachusetts is a vibrant and diverse family-sized congregation. Church of our Saviour is the spiritual home for about 25 families and their average Sunday attendance is 22. Milton is a predominately white, middle-class town with significant African American, Haitian, and Asian populations. Their Parish is racially, economically and socially diverse. Church of our Saviour strongly values shared leadership. Their Sunday morning worship service is highly participatory with people from all ages engaging in the service. Every year Church of Our Saviour spends $10,000 in social outreach assisting as many programs and organizations as possible through small donations. They are in the process of learning how they can become more active and involved as a congregation in social change within the Milton/Quincy/Boston area. 

The Life Together Intern will assist the Priest-in-charge and congregational leadership in three primary areas:  1) assisting the congregation in community organizing and relationship building in the Milton/Quincy area, 2) assisting the further development of their youth programs and 3) assisting the Priest-in-charge in further developing their visibility and communication, especially their online presence. The Intern will have an opportunity to learn what ministry in a small parish is like. The Intern will participate in a variety of ways during Sunday and Wednesday worship as a lay Eucharistic minister, preaching, reading, and planning liturgies. Some evening and weekend meetings may be required.

Dorchester Bay Youth Force

Dorchester Bay was founded to enhance housing, business, and leadership opportunities for the residents of Dorchester. Youth Force was founded in 2004 with the mission of developing teen leaders living in Dorchester, Roxbury and the surrounding neighborhoods of the city of Boston. The vast majority of teens involved in Youth Force are low-income people of color. The organizational culture of Youth Force is teen-led and focused on justice. Dorchester Bay Youth Force seeks to create a culture where teens feel welcomed, supported, and pushed to grow as leaders. Youth Force’s approach to social change is community organizing—defined as building relationships with people in your community in order to build power for the goal of creating concrete and long-lasting change.

The Life Together fellow works as the Youth Force Organizer. This role has two distinct components: 1) working with guidance counselors, teachers, parents, youth workers and others to recruit teens to join Youth Force, as well as 2) working directly with Youth Force’s current teen leaders to create change in their communities and develop new teen leaders. The core of this work is the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), a three-week training program in which teens are recruited and trained to be leaders.  The Micah fellow will assist with YLI recruitment, including developing and leading trainings and other logistical aspects of YLI. YLI grads automatically become Youth Force members who engage in Youth Force’s campaigns and who continue to develop as leaders after YLI is over.  Experience working with teenagers is preferred and commuting between different schools will be required (note: commuting can happen on public transportation).

Episcopal City Mission

Episcopal City Mission is a faith-based ministry that promotes social and economic justice working through congregations, community based organizations and people within the Diocese of Massachusetts, with special emphasis on the urban poor and oppressed. ECM has understood from its foundation that its mission is to work with and fo those that are left at the margins of society.  In the early 1800’s pious Episcopalians sought to reach out to those who were called “street people”, teaching Sunday School to poor children, working with troubled youth, single mothers, sailors, and others that did not feel, and may very well have not been, welcomed into the affluent environment and culture of the Episcopal church. More recently, the mission of ECM has taken the form of a commitment to address the root causes of poverty and oppression by working for structural transformation of society. In the last thirty years ECM has pursued this mission through program related investments (Housing Seed Loan Fund, Pelham Fund) through the empowerment and support of urban congregations (Churches in the Neighborhoods and City Program); through community organizing (Burgess Urban Fund); and through advocacy initiatives.

The role of ECM’s Public Policy Associate is to deepen and expand upon ECM’s commitment to support social structural change in our communities and across the state. The Public Policy Associate, in partnership with the Associate Director of Community Partnerships and Public Policy, will lead ECM’s engagement with statewide initiatives by collaborating with ECM’s public policy partners like the Ecumenical Advocacy Coalition and grantees who are launching specific policy campaigns.  Some examples of the Micah Fellow’s tasks include: planning and hosting policy-related events, rallies, legislative breakfasts/luncheons, or lobby days with the support of ECM staff; informing and encouraging action by ECM’s public policy network; convening meetings of ECM’s Public Policy Committee to discuss strategies for action and decisions about what campaigns to engage with; and coordinating 1 on 1’s with members of parishes to learn more about their work, and to find ways to connect this work back to ECM.

Family Van

The Family Van is a mobile health clinic that works to improve health equity using their “Knowledgeable Neighbor” model of care. The “Knowledgeable Neighbor” model of care is a community-based approach that increases access to quality, affordable healthcare; promotes healthy behaviors; expands screening and early detection efforts; and facilitates strategies for appropriate management of existing chronic diseases. The neighborhoods served by the Family Van, including Dorchester, East Boston, and Roxbury, continue to have the highest rates of preventable diseases and chronic health conditions in Boston. The Family Van operates in a non-hierarchical environment and focuses on leveraging and building their team members strengths to achieve their shared goals. Trained staff members on the Family Van live in the communities that they serve and always strive to cultivate a friendly, nonjudgmental, and comfortable atmosphere that invites local residents to seek care. 

The Outreach & Communications Coordinator will work to raise awareness about the programs and services with external partners and in target communities. They will work with their team and volunteers to do community outreach both in the community and via social media, deliver workshops with staff, and collaborate with other organizations. They will be trained to provide culturally appropriate health education, information, and outreach in community-based settings, assist community members with access to community resources, engage target populations in wellness activities as well as chronic disease self-management and provide outreach to potential and existing clients in the community and at events. The Family Van would strongly prefer to have a bi-lingual fellow who is fluent in either Spanish or Cantonese in order to meet the needs of the diverse population they serve.  The fellow will regularly travel throughout Boston neighborhoods including Roxbury, Dorchester and East Boston and possibly Quincy MA. 

Grace Episcopal Church, Medford

Grace Church is a dynamic and vibrant spiritual home to a diverse congregation of over 200 families with different racial, social, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, with a close connection to the Episcopal chaplaincy at Tufts University. Some parishioners are lifelong Episcopalians; some were raised in other Protestant denominations or in the Roman Catholic Church; some are new to the Christian faith; some are not quite sure what they believe. Grace Church has seen significant growth in the last few years, and has grown by about 50% in the last four years. The church is growing in its advocacy efforts, especially for the environment, partnering with the Leadership Development Initiative.

The duties of this position will vary with the interest of the intern. The Intern will assist in organizing our Youth Education programs along with the Assistant Rector. Possible activities include co-teaching a class on Wednesday nights, serving as part of the Wednesdays at Grace leadership team, and community organizing for a parish program to be developed with the Leadership Development Initiative. Even more opportunities abound, including adult teaching (on Sundays and Wednesdays), participating in parish leadership, worship planning, occasional or regular preaching, pastoral care or assisting with our college outreach to the Tufts University community. The parish is also in a unique position with its growth and vitality so that an intern could have a significant impact on the life of the community.

Irish International Immigrant Center

The Irish International Immigrant Center (IIIC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist immigrants from Ireland and around the world as they integrate into American society. Its vision is of a shared society where all people are welcomed and valued and enjoy equal opportunities, protections and respect. Founded in 1989, the IIIC has provided a full range of free and low-cost services to low-income and underserved immigrant families from 120 nations around the world. Guided by the value of being relational and not transactional, the IIIC holds six guiding values of Welcoming, Learning, Interdependence, Community, Hope, and Adaptability. With these guiding values, the IIIC takes an integrated approach to addressing social change; providing direct service and working in collaboration with partners across the city and state to advocate for systemic change. 

As the Communications Associate and Special Assistant to the Leadership Team, the fellow placed at the IIIC will be working closely with the CEO and Deputy director while being responsible for the communications of the IIIC, including; grant writing, internal and external promotion, narrative development through social media, press releases, monthly blogs and newsletter development, amongst others. A priority of this position’s responsibility will be to learn the ins and outs of the organization initially, in order to better communicate its effectiveness and mission externally. This position is writing and research intensive, with an excellent opportunity to learn the in and outs of non-profit management and grant writing while working closely with, and being supervised by, the CEO.

Leadership Development Initiative

The Leadership Development Initiative, founded in 2009, desires to see the Church awakened and participating in God’s work of reconciliation and restoration in the world. They offer three formation programs: 1) introductory workshops/courses; 2) the “Flagship Training Program,” a 6-month parish-based program that activates teams in Episcopal parishes to engage in social justice work in their communities; and 3) an ongoing praxis group for experienced practitioners to further develop their practices. The community most broadly and directly served by LDI’s work is the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts: its 180 constituent congregations and 80,000 members, which are primarily white, highly educated, and middle- to upper-class. However, through their work across their platforms, they challenge and equip those they work with to engage in their local communities, thus serving the entire eastern third of Massachusetts which is more diverse in terms of socio-economic, racial, language, and cultural backgrounds. LDI’s organizational culture is built on the foundations of shared leadership and Christian contemplative practice. Their small staff team is close-knit and supportive of each other’s work as expressions of each other’s unique call from God. Their meetings, both one-to-one and as a team, always incorporate time for prayer and relational checking-in. 

The Programs and Communications Fellow will work alongside the Executive Director to design and execute LDI’s measurement and evaluation processes of LDI’s three core programs.  The fellow is responsible for directly engaging with LDI participants (past and present) to collect needed information. The fellow will be responsible for crafting LDI’s communications strategy and regularly implementing it. The fellows responsibilities include attending LDI “Training for Trainers” and flagship training workshops, as well as facilitating small-group exercises at workshops. LDI believes that the Church can participate in God’s work of restoration and healing by building communities bound by right relationship. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the fellow be offered the opportunity to do meaningful work in the context of a supportive and affirming community. Flexibility in the fellow’s hours is required; the fellow will attend four Saturday workshops and coach a team which will require a shift in their hours so that they can work late one night/week.

MCAN (Massachusetts Communities Action Network)

MCAN has a twenty-nine year history of faith and values based grassroots organizing for systemic and social change.  During this time, MCAN has either played a central role or been a strong ally on wins such as the creation of street outreach worker programs, significant youth jobs funding, CORI reform, varied education campaigns from diversifying staff to increasing ESOL funding to creating small innovative schools, and campaigns around healthcare that led to the creation of SCHIP and Mass Health. In 2014 MCAN led the effort to pass the highest state minimum wage law to $11 an hour, and sick time for all MA workers. We played a major role in building and leading the Raise Up MA coalition of community, labor, and faith based groups to run this campaign. MCAN has also worked on efforts around immigration reform that to date have yet to be successful. Our leadership base is made up of diverse low and moderate-income faith leaders in 10 Massachusetts cities - Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, Lynn/ North Shore, Worcester, Springfield, and Boston (youth leaders).  

As the Fund Development Associate, the Life Together Fellow will be jointly responsible for 4 core areas of MCAN’s Development Strategy; Grant Writing, Individual Donor cultivation, Event Planning, and Online Fundraising. Some of the associated responsibilities include: site visits for grant purposes, writing and sharing organizational stories and vision, managing a database of current funders and prospective donors, potentially organizing and implementing fundraising trainings for staff, and supporting the planning and implementation of fundraising events, among others. The fellow will be closely supported and supervised by Angela Pape, the Development Director of MCAN, who has supervised several LT fellows, some of whom remain on staff at MCAN.  The role of Fund Development Associate will grant the LT fellow with valuable leadership skills and experience in non-profit development work, an invaluable skill in the non-profit world.  The ideal candidate for this position will have strong verbal and written communication skills, traits of organization and detail orientation, a desire to develop deep relationships with members, and humility to take constructive feedback.

Mothers Out Front

Mothers Out Front is building a movement of mothers and grandmothers to provide the political will that we need to ensure a livable climate and bright future for all children in the face of catastrophic climate change. We use a narrative-based grassroots organizing strategy to develop leaders, build capacity, and foster continual learning. Our organizing model is based in the teachings of Marshall Ganz and the Leading Change Network. Mothers Out Front began with conversations in living rooms around the Boston area in 2013. These mothers gathered together out of a shared sense of concern and fear for their children’s future, and some hope for action. Since 2013, we have hosted more than 170 “house parties” (our primary mode of initial engagement with new mothers) and through those house parties have meaningfully engaged more than 1,000 mothers, grandmothers, and allies in these conversations. We are continually growing our power through house parties and leadership development within Mothers Out Front community teams and functional leadership teams. We currently have 11 Community Organizing Teams: 9 in the greater Boston area, one in the Pioneer Valley (Western Massachusetts), and one in Rochester, New York. We launched in New York state in November 2014, and plan to launch two more states in 2015. Our Boston-area office will remain our national hub during this transition. Currently, Mothers Out Front has a small office at the Democracy Center in Cambridge.

We envision that a Life Together organizing fellow would work closely with our Massachusetts State Organizer, our Organizing Coordinator, and our Organizer for Community Outreach, as well as the volunteer leadership of Mothers Out Front to organize mothers and grandmothers in our existing and new communities through house parties, 1:1s, phone calls, workshops, and political actions, hearings, rallies, etc. Responsibilities would include weekly supervision with the Organizer for Community Outreach; weekly staff meetings; helping the Organizing Coordinator maintain our organizing calendar and volunteer database; assisting with organizing campaigns, trainings, and relevant meetings for organizing, outreach & diversity, and strategy; arranging 1:1 meetings; helping with house party follow up; tabling at events. This position is best for someone who is comfortable working independently as part of an interdependent team. Good communication, initiative, and creativity are musts. This is a challenging placement where you will work hard to achieve goals and where we hope you will learn a lot alongside us! Other qualifications we are looking for include strong relationship-building skills, multicultural competencies (including in relation age, race, class, religion, sexual orientation, ability, gender identity), experience working with groups and coordinating volunteers, a desire to learn, excellent organizational skills and the ability to multitask, and experience with social and environmental justice issues or climate change. Language skills are also a plus for this work, especially Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, or Mandarin.

MSAC (Massachusetts Senior Action Council)

Massachusetts Senior Action Council (MSAC) is a democratic grassroots senior-run organization that is committed to empowering seniors and others to act collectively to promote the rights and well- being of all people, particularly vulnerable seniors. MSAC runs a unique leadership development program that provides members with tools and the ability to re-purpose their life skills for new roles as activists and community leaders. MSAC’s constituency includes low- and moderate-income seniors throughout MA. MSAC’s membership base is racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse (including Vietnamese, Chinese, Haitian, Cape Verdean, Spanish, Russian). Members are elected to local and statewide leadership boards, which provide a formal governing structure for the organization. The staff of MSAC work to facilitate this process and to support the implementation of determined goals and strategies. While each staff person has specific areas of responsibility, we work together as a team to achieve organizational goals and provide mutual support. 

The fellow will serve as the Organizing Coordinator providing support to members and staff. They will support organizers to coordinate monthly chapter meetings, local campaigns, and action committees/strategy discussions with chapter leaders. They will support member recruitment, community outreach, help provide transportation for members as needed to support their full participation in MSAC-organizing and advocacy activities. The fellow will develop the leadership skills of the membership base, manage MSAC’s various online platforms, work closely with statewide staff and membership to ensure that organizing work is well-coordinated with other chapters across the state. The fellow can expect to spend half their time carrying out organizing activities in the community alongside with the close supervision of a seasoned organizer, and the other half providing technical, logistical, and communications support. This position requires a valid driver’s license and the willingness to transport members. Having a car would be a strong asset and language skills are an added benefit as the fellow will work within diverse communities that include Spanish, Haitian Creole, Chinese, and Vietnamese speakers.

Press Pass TV

Press Pass TV is an award-winning organization that uses the power of media arts to provide meaningful employment and education for youth living in low-income neighborhoods. Their programming serves youth 11 to 21 years old from Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan. All of their programs are based in Positive Youth Development and seek to provide their youth with the tools to build their internal assets, as well as surround them with the resources they need to expand their external assets- opportunities for service, relationships with caring adults and safe spaces to explore their creativity and expression. Press Pass TV's flagship program, the Media Leadership Institute is a year round program providing an enriching life skills curriculum and addressing holistic youth development needs, serving almost 50 youth each year across Southern New England. Press Pass TV holds staff and youth to the highest expectations while providing all the necessary support.  Press Pass TV is a second home (and sometimes first) for many of their youth and maintain a “family” atmosphere and culture of celebration where they acknowledge birthdays and accomplishments. They also have a culture of “Failing forward” which means that as long as youth learn from their mistakes, it brings them closer to their goals.  

The Programs Coordinator will be in charge of coordinating the following 3 programs: 1) Taking Flight, a mentoring and college prep program where youth are paired with a mentor to help guide them through the college selection process and/or career. The fellow will manage the recruitment process, screening and matching volunteers with youth. 2) Media Leadership Institute, Press Pass TV’s in-house program, the fellow will help facilitate workshops, administrative oversight (such as filing their timesheets), and help co-write curriculum.  The fellow will also provide mentorship and evaluation of youth on an ongoing basis, and 3) Outcomes, the fellow will support students who must complete projects to be showcased in the end of program graduation/screening and walk out with a reel and/or resume. The fellow will report directly to the two Co-Directors and have a quarterly 360 reviews and work together to set goals and deliverables. There will be plenty of room for the fellow to take initiative and propose projects they deem important. 

Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence

Safe Havens is a multi-religious nonprofit that provides training, resources, and technical assistance to diverse faith leaders and faith communities to strengthen safe and effective responses to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and elder abuse.  Safe Havens also provides services to domestic and sexual violence and elder abuse service providers who are responding to the needs of clients who are faithful.  Safe Havens has United Methodist roots and is currently interfaith and multi-religious. Most of the faith communities they work with are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, and they serve all faiths and denominations. Safe Havens works locally in the Greater Boston and New England areas as well as nationally. Safe Havens in strongly collaborative, always looking for ways to learn and to “do it better.” They encourage staff, fellows, and interns to take care of themselves and to remember that the work is “a marathon, not a sprint.” The atmosphere in the office is relaxed and staff members have positive working relationships. 

The Life Together Fellow will build capacity and strength effectiveness at Safe Havens through five specific project areas: 1) communications, 2) development and fundraising, 3) systems capacity building, 4) programming and volunteer management, and 5) event planning and other project areas as needed.  The LT Fellow will maintain and expand current communication systems and build outreach to additional target audiences; assist with annual development goals and update and maintain donor database; strengthen Safe Havens’ capacity to expand its effective use of systems/software; support outreach and volunteer engagement strategy that identifies, engages and sustains key volunteer constituencies for the Safe with Faith program ; and support Safe Havens’ Impact Award event, trainings, and support the agency in additional ways as needed. The Fellow will attend all staff meetings and meet weekly with the Safe Heavens Director.

St. Mary's Church, Dorchester

Throughout it’s more than 100 years of existence St. Mary’s has been a neighborhood church where most of its members live in the neighborhood. St. Mary’s is a community centered very much around food. We have Eucharist services twice a week and after each service we gather for a full meal and important time of fellowship. We also operate a food pantry out of our parish hall, and as many of our members put it, St. Mary’s is a place where you’ll never leave hungry. Our purpose is to engage in our faith in ways that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual hunger that exists in our neighborhood. Our current membership is largely Afro-Caribbean, and we celebrate a “family” approach to worship, ministry and life together. We are a community that celebrates its youth, engaging them in the steel band, BSAFE youth programs, Church School, youth group and throughout our worship and service life. Situated in the heart of Upham’s Corner, we are in the midst of Dorchester’s most significant urban center with many local businesses, community organizations, schools and the Strand Theatre all two blocks away. It remains a residential neighborhood as well, with long-time and new homeowners sharing the neighborhood with renters and people in subsidized housing. 

The St. Mary’s Fellow will support our Food Pantry Ministry, deepen our connection with local youth, strengthen our outreach efforts, build bridges throughout the community, and guide community discernment around community development and justice work. The fellow will join our worship community and help us identify, raise up and form new leaders. There would also be ample opportunity to take part in and assume leadership in our worship life as this fits the fellow’s skills and interests. This position is a great fit for any fellow interested in parish life and excited about supporting mission, outreach and justice work. A fellow excited about creating connections, community development, and promoting collaboration in an extremely diverse environment would also be a great fit at St. Mary’s.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Brookline

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brookline is a thriving faith community whose mission it is to follow the two great commandments; loving God and loving one another.  We find the greatest expression of loving God through our work of loving and serving one another, our neighbors and those in need locally and around the globe.  While we are located in Brookline Village, St. Paul’s counts among our members people from Newton, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Needham, Martha’s Vineyard and Manchester By-The-Sea.  In addition to our faith community, we host the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry, a preschool, 12 Step Meeting, among other community events, resulting in a church building that is open and occupied every day from 8:00am to 10:00pm.  

The Intern for Ministry Development, Community Engagement and Parish Life will join the Leadership Team at St. Paul’s, Brookline with a particular focus on helping St. Paul’s to achieve goals identified as part of our recent Long Range Planning.  Specifically, in the areas of Community Engagement and Parish Life, the Intern will serve to provide the necessary structure and leadership to develop these areas with the eventual goal that they be lay-lead by members of the Congregation.  Communications and social media are also ministries with which St. Paul’s seeks an intern’s help and gifts.  We have multiple communication tools, but need an overall ministry understanding for interface between these tools and to develop the infrastructure and capacity of staff and parishioners to best utilize these tools. Finally, St. Paul’s enjoys an active and varied Parish Life ministry.  Several opportunities exist each year for intergenerational relationship building and shared ministry.  The Intern would provide capacity and support to this ministry. The Intern would report directly to the Rector, with additional project-based supervision from the Assistant Rector.  Throughout all of these responsibilities, the intern will be asked to develop the leadership of the parish community.

St. Stephen's Church, Lynn

St. Stephen's is an open and affirming Christian church worshiping in the Anglican tradition. Crossing lines of color, class, culture, and generation, we seek transformation of our lives and our community through Christ's Gospel of love, compassion, and justice. Our current mission priorities focus on nurturing and forming the congregation; showing Christ-like hospitality especially to children and youth, young adults and East African immigrants; and deepening community engagement. Lynn is a mill city with limited economic vitality in the 21st century. The English language congregation is about 50-50 white people and people of color; the East African (Kiswahili) congregation is 100% African. As people of faith, we believe that prayer is central to the work of social change and our common worship sustains us in all we do.

The Life Together Fellow works with program specific staff to strengthen existing programs and to create new initiatives that emerge from St Stephen's goal of being a congregation that shows Christ-like hospitality. The position includes pastoral, programmatic, and advocacy-oriented engagement in the parish and community. Responsibilities include the following: regularly participating in and assisting with Sunday worship and other liturgical gatherings (this includes occasional opportunities to preach); assisting with the Church School program and providing hospitality to parents and teachers; working with the high school youth groups; connecting with young adults in the community and fostering a space for them at the church; working to develop and facilitate adult formation programs; serving on the pastoral care and healing prayer teams; working on community organizing initiatives in collaboration with the Essex County Community Organization; and assisting with administrative tasks as needed. Regular access to a car is highly desirable. Proficiency in a second language is helpful. Work includes two evenings a week.

Youth on Board

Since 1994 Youth on Board (YOB) has forged partnerships between youth and adults to create positive communities in which young people are valued, engaged, and heard, both nationally and locally. YOB’s overarching goal is to have youth engagement interwoven into the structure of schools, thus encouraging a cultural shift that creates respectful and mutually supportive learning communities both inside and outside the classroom.  YOB's main project is working with the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC), a citywide body of elected student leaders coming from a wide range of backgrounds and working to identify and address issues pertinent to students. YOB supports BSAC through trainings in community organizing, social change movements, and policy reform, while ensuring that there is space to support one another on a personal level.

The Life Together fellow serves as the BSAC Project Coordinator. They help organize young people, work and advocate on their behalf, and help facilitate meetings, working groups and community actions/events.  The Coordinator is the point person for all school discipline-related projects, including local district work, as well as national work. Specific responsibilities include: becoming well-versed in issues and groups surrounding alternative school discipline locally and nationally; attending Code of Conduct Advisory Council Meetings to advocate for restorative justice practices; co-facilitating Thursday afternoon working group meetings after school; and planning, organizing, and carrying out three well-publicized actions related to school discipline and student rights. Work includes occasional evening and weekend commitments.