Become a Fellow

Applications for Life Together Fellowships OPEN IN NoVEMBER. 


Life Together hosts up to 18 fellows across Eastern Massachusetts. This includes a group of first year and second year fellows in the Boston area and a cohort of teaching fellows serving in Lawrence, through a partnership with Esperanza Academy.

During their year, all Life Together fellows work for social justice in schools, non-profits, and churches, spend one day per week developing leadership skills, spiritual depth, and relationships and live in intentional community. To meet the current fellows, click here.

If you have questions or would like more information about Life Together, or the application process, please contact us, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We will begin accepting applications on November 1st! If you found out about us through our Idealist posting, please follow the application instructions on the posting. If you found out about us through the Episcopal Service Corps, please apply through the Episcopal Service Corps common application. We look forward to hearing from you!


For our first year fellows, Life Together provides:

  • Housing with all utilities paid

  • Full health insurance coverage

  • Choice of monthly transportation pass for the MBTA (subway and bus system), $110/month gas stipend, or $84.50/month bike stipend

  • Personal living stipend of $450/month (for food and other basic living expenses)

What Life Together Alumni are Saying About Their Experience:

My year with the Episcopal Service Corps and Life Together will have a lasting impact on my life. During my year with ESC I was encouraged to bring my full self, and as a result of this radically welcoming community I was able to take risks, to be free from fear, and to live a more authentic life. The leadership of this program cared deeply about the power of young people and truly desired to bring out the full potential of each member of the fellow community. The program leadership had an amazing ability to adapt, as they listened to the hopes and dreams of each fellow. They supported our desires and interests with the time, money, and support that it took to mobilize action. As a result we saw our desire for change become a reality as urban youth were empowered, sexually marginalized were supported, education bills were advocated for, and more. It was an amazing experience and I am very grateful to ESC and Life Together for this year.

- Luke Dodge, 2009

The most powerful part of being a Life Together fellow was being able to learn and practice a holistic approach to social justice work.  This unique opportunity taught me that there are multitudes of methods, programs and skills available and needed to carry God’s love into this world. I worked on budgets, created icebreakers, taught spiritual practice and planned huge fundraiser galas. I practiced the spectrum of tools necessary for effective change. Now, four years later I'm using all of them, from building grassroots teams to keeping an existing program afloat to be bring about effective social change in Nairobi, Kenya. Life Together provided an incredible place to learn and practice these tools - more tools than I could have imagined. I’ll be forever grateful for my time with the program.

- Natalie Finstad, 2009 

I came to the Life Together program after working on a farm and living in a Buddhist monastery.  I had been determined to find an answer to what Garrison Keillor calls, “life’s persistent questions.”  But as time passed, it became clear that I couldn’t do it all by myself. That’s why I ended up applying to Life Together.  This is a community that asks those questions together, and answers them too.  I’ve received unexpected answers to my questions, from chatting with a housemate while washing dishes, discussing the Psalms with my work supervisor, or sharing stories with a Sunday school classroom.  The work I’ve been doing with Christ Church Waltham has taught me valuable organizing and communication skills. More importantly, these past months with Life Together have helped me realize that the answers are right there, in the lives of the people you share your life with.

- Matthew Dooley, 2011

I came to Life Together looking for a year of justice work and urban ministry before seminary. I got more than I bargained for in all the best ways! Our training has given me concrete tools for living into to my yearning to support community growth, and my site placement at St. James's, Cambridge has stretched me in exciting new directions. I have led spiritual autobiography creation and gifts discussions for our 20s & 30s group, and I have provided training and closer connection to parish life for our Justice Ministries leaders. I've also discovered an excitement for planning liturgy and worship, and been swept into that process at St. James's. The year has helped me to better understand and develop the gifts I have now, to know what kind of experience I want from seminary, and to envision the kind of leader I can be in the church.

- Reed Loy, 2011