St. Stephen's South End Kicks Off Hope In Action Campaign

The past two weeks at St. Stephen's have been wonderful. I am the Christian Education Coordinator at this parish where kids come not only on Sundays, but 6 days a week. br /br /Last week, St. Stephen's held its first Hope In Action Campaign event. We had over 50 people from St. Stephen's attend the meeting at Blackstone Elementary School, the second-worst performing school according to MCAS test scores. During the meeting, St. Stephen's was given recognition for being an organization that maximized the use of it's resources and was committed to strengthening the surrounding community. I was invited to design a t-shirt and a button for the event, so that we could be easily recognizable as a team and promote community organizing in the neighborhood.

Mary Oliver, a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-Winning Poet visited St. Stephen's last Thursday with Bishop Tom Shaw. She was given a book of poems written by the children at the After School Program. Thursday night, she had a poetry reading at Coolidge Corner Theater and 100% of the proceeds went to St. Stephen's B-SAFE Summer Program.

Sunday School - I am the Sunday School coordinator for the three classes that meet Sunday. and every week I plan two classes and teach one. This past Sunday all groups participated in Las Posadas, an event that helps us better understand the experiences of Mary and Joseph while they were awaiting Jesus' birth.

Thanks to Micah Fellow Kathryn Kendrick for contributing this post.